Mirvad Kurić, Minister of culture and sports of Canton Sarajevo

Dear athletes and coaches, respected participants of the 34th Senior and 25th Junior European taekwon-do Championship. It is my pleasure to greet you as a representative of the Sarajevo Canton Government and the competent Ministry of Culture and Sports of Sarajevo Canton.

The 34th Senior and 25th junior European Taekwon-Do Championships, held this year in our and your Sarajevo. It is great sport event that, with it’s quality, give real impetus to the further development of taekwon-do in Canton Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina .

We are happy for this, because such great, sport event indicate that Sarajevo is on the right path to the adoption of quality sports standards that mark the whole developed world. I express my gratitude to the organizer Taekwondo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and, especialy  ITF technical organizer, at the expressed will and enthusiasm which makes us proud.

Ministry of Culture and Sports of Sarajevo Canton, recognizes the importance of these sport events and financially helps their organization. I wish all of us a good atmosphere, a real sports competition, especially for athletes, and for other guests also to enjoy during their stay in Sarajevo.

 Of course, I do not doubt that the best, as always, will be won.

Kind regards.

Mirvad Kurić, Minister of culture and sports of Canton Sarajevo



Dear taekwon-do friends. It is our great honor and pleasure to host such a wonderful and important event as the ITF European Taekwon-do Championships. Our satisfaction and happiness is even greater because our organization AETF celebrates 40th anniversary this year. Bosnia and Herzegovina is almost 40 years part of that great European taekwon-do family. Those were the years of ascent and decline for taekwon-do in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but we were strong and succeeded in our intentions. The crown of our work is that we are the hosts of the 34th senior and 25th junior ITF European taekwon-do championships.

We will do our best to make our athletes and guests feel nice and pleasant in the Olympic city of Sarajevo. The Olympic spirit of Sarajevo is still alive and you will feel it at every moment of your stay in the city. Our homeland Bosnia and Herzegovina always welcomes friends in the best way, warmly and kindly. That’s how it will be this time.

Welcome to the Olympic city…and let’s start together in a new taekwon-do decade…